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The Biselex Kenya Limited is a national Company that provides access to water through provision of water infrastructure and services. It addresses the challenges of water access in Kenya through providing water facilities and related services to a wide range of clientele. Biselex had been established in 1989 as part of a UK – based group of company before it was bought by the current owners in 1999.

The company is set to move to greater heights if the fast growth is anything to go by. The current owners began operations with a staff capacity of 5 and one truck. Today the company has over 30 employees and over 12 vehicles and is rated as the second largest water company in Kenya.

Providers of water services have been increasing by the day and so is the demand as the countries population increases. There has also been a high increase in industrial establishments and NGO activities targeting samedayessay community development. The government has also been at the fore front in ensuring access to clean and safe water as part of its development agenda.


[toggle title=”Our Vision” open=”false”]To be the leading company in facilitating access to water in the East African region.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Mission” open=”false”]To add value to water services provision in the East African region by providing water facilities and related services to meet the needs of the clients and other stakeholders.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Objectives” open=”false”]i. To provide water related equipment and services to communities, the government and industries.
ii. To design, survey, supply, install, test and commission water supply equipment.
iii. To enhance technology adoption.
iv. To service and maintain existing water supply systems.[/toggle]

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[toggle title=”Our Core Values” open=”false”]Integrity – We shall at all times be truthful and honest in carrying out all of our operations.
Professionalism – Every measure is taken to ensure that we are applying professional standards in all our operations.
Transparency and accountability – We are open and take responsibility in all our operations.
Continuous innovation – Continuous research will be our key strategy in finding better ways of doing things so as to improve efficiency and deliver value effectively to our clients.
Teamwork – We believe in team spirit in implementation of projects and all other operations.
Quality – We uphold excellence in delivering value to our clients. The quality of our work goes beyond the client expectations.
Equality – We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against gender, race, tribe or disabled persons.
Reliability – We honor agreements and are strict to deadlines.
Customer Focus – We recognize our clients as our employers and we go out of our way to exceed expectations.
Corporate Social Responsibility – We embrace responsibility for the impact of our activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other stakeholders.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Our Equipment” open=”false”]One of our principal expertise areas has been provision of borehole drilling, yield test pumping, equipping and rehabilitation services since inception.

In 1999, the company went into test pumping, and also carrying out all electrical, mechanical and civil works associated with borehole completion. In borehole yield test pumping, we use removable services gantries mechanical operated/hydraulic winches, mounted on 4×4 heavy-duty rugged trucks for ease of operation.

The truck is a complete mobile workshop, having mounted generating sets of different sizes of pumps for yield testing, welding sets, and uniforms for staff accommodation while on site.

We also have for new trucks fitted with removable services gantries, mechanical operated/hydraulic winches, mounted on 4 * 4 heavy duty trucks for ease of operation. The unit has the ability to undertake on site repairs other than the ones done in our modern workshop facilities on Avon Centre, Enterprises Road.