[one_half][rev_slider irrigation][/one_half] [one_half_last][separator headline=”h4″ title=”Modern irrigation equipment & solutions”]With our team of highly competent and qualified staff, we offer the ultimate solutions for your irrigation system. We provide efficient and cost-effective systems designs and installation tailored to meet every need of our esteemed customers. Our irrigation solutions include;

[one_third][mini-icon icon=”tint”] Drip irrigation systems
[mini-icon icon=”tint”] Over head irrigation systems
[mini-icon icon=”tint”] Lawn irrigation systems[/one_third][one_third][mini-icon icon=”tint”] Water pumps
[mini-icon icon=”tint”] Water storage facilities including tanks and tank structures[/one_third][one_third_last][mini-icon icon=”tint”] Generators
[mini-icon icon=”tint”] Water Distribution design and supplies / installation[/one_third_last]


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[toggle title=”Advantages of the drip irrigation system” open=”false” icon=”star”]1. Water is used at maximum level.
2. As water is applied locally and leaching is reduced, fertilizer/nutrient loss is minimized.
3. Weeds cannot absorb water as no water is available for them.
4. Yield of crops are maximum.
5. Fertilizers can be used with high efficiency.
6. Operational cost is low.
7. No soil erosion.
8. Soil infiltration capacity is increased.
9. Seed germination is improved.
10. We can use recycled water safely.
11. It is not necessary to level the fields.
12. We can irrigate water in irregular shaped lands.
13. Waste of fertilizers is minimized.
14. Energy cost is reduced as it is operated in lower pressure than other irrigation methods.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Advantages of the sprinkler irrigation system” open=”false” icon=”star”]1. No Excessive land leveling
2. Water saving irrigation intensity can be changed in accordance with the infiltration capacity of soil
3. High efficiency due to uniform water distribution
4. No special skills trained personal can operate the system reasonably well
5. Ease and uniform application of fertilizers and pesticides through irrigation system
6. Frequent and light irrigation possible giving better response from the crops.
7. Increase in yield and quality, early ripening, water conservation and alternative value of specific period saving of labor, machinery, fertilizer and pesticides.
8. Soil moisture is maintained at optimum level by sprinkler irrigation and 20 higher yields are obtained of crops and the quality of other crops is also good.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Our competitive advantage” open=”false” icon=”star”]1. Highly competent team will survey, design, install, test, and commission irrigation systems to meet your need
2. Installation of high quality materials from renowned brands in the market
3. Provision of highly cost effective systems
4. Warranty offer
5. After sales services for proper system maintenance
6. Training of operator to avoid system failures[/toggle]